Who Else Wants the Amazing Inside Information on How Search Engines Rank Sites?

Only the priviledged few have had access to this mountain of real, statistically-valid data over the last five years. Several are now Millionaires.

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WANTED: 50 SEO Enthusiasts in need of the REAL insider info.

Imagine what it will be like when you can definitively say, "Using the keyword in the title twice improves ranking in Google."

That's the kind of conclusions you can come to by having genuine, statistically relevant data on the search engines. But just imagine combining that data with other valid methods of discovery...

There's no substitute for exchanging the observations of a decent number of professionals, from examining the performance of a very large number of websites.

I regularly consult with my "insider" friends about the search engine landscape, and we all benefit greatly. SEO Club members have gone on to some pretty notable success... one of them has been "Stomping" the search engines ever since! ;)

I perform an exhaustive statistical analysis of over 1200 different ranking factors in the search engines. This data makes up the core of SEO Club's key to search engine success.

Would you like to be in the "inner circle" of this powerhouse? You need to bring something to the table besides just financial contribution. Either a unique view or the willingness to test and share your results is essential to membership. I reserve the right to eject anyone that takes without giving, or brings negativity to the group. The Club is an amazing place as a result.

"SEO Club is where I finally found the factual data that is so lacking anywhere else on the Internet. Nathan has the amazing ability to look at all those numbers and see a bigger picture. Then make a conclusion and put it into terms that just about anyone can understand. "

- Brian B.
E. Lansing, MI

Although peering into the search engines' algorithms from this direction cannot reveal everything that a search engine takes into account for ranking sites; there's no substitute for hard data.

I study over 400 different ranking factors in all three major search engines, examined across tens of thousands of websites.

I don't reveal publicly the depth and scope of this analysis, but it can reveal some very startling facts. This is the only comprehensive analysis I'm aware of in existence.

This statistical analysis is exhaustive, and takes a ridiculous amount of computing time and power. A lot of dedicated hardware and software goes into every analysis. Each one takes days to run.

"...Nathan is a genius when it comes to getting you ranked in the search engines. I asked for his help, and he had me ranked #1 for my name in only 48 Hours... I was simply stunned!

-Brian Keith Voiles.
Sandy, UT

Obviously, in order to pay for the costs of running all this hardware and software, every member pays a monthly fee. So as a group, we spread out those enormous costs between us and end up only paying a tiny fraction as a result.

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I've decided to limit SEO Club to include a few
new select members. Are you one of them?

I don't have a lot of time to give, but there is a definite need for this level of expertise on the Internet. I'm willing to make the place really hop again; and share my statistical analysis with members.

This statistical information is ridiculously expensive to collect and analyze. In the past, I've sold just a single printout of this data for up to $3,000. This analysis is performed every month, as the search engines change rapidly.

Membership to SEO Club includes access to this data any time you like.

Here's an example of just one line of the data. I'll let you figure out which engine it came from:

Does having a .aspx URL increase ranking? Yes +54.78 c:12549 t:422 f:12127 r(t):4.54 r(f):5.53

As you can see, this factor studies whether or not .aspx filenames receive special treatment from a certain search engine. The weight is displayed in a plus or minus figure. The numbers after that figure are explained in the site. They relate to how many sites were evaluated, how many had the given factor, and so on...

Are you more Graphically-Oriented? You can also view the data in graph form like this:

graph of seo info

Want to see how the Big Three search engines compare side-by-side? No problem:

Would you like to see over 400 such factors for each search engine?

Now, I'm not saying that this emphatically proves that this search engine gives benefit to that exact factor. Far from it. This is merely a study of the output of the search engine. There can be all kinds of cross-correlations and mitigating factors.

But taken together, certain realities can come to light. And if you employ these factors with your own website construction methods, you're BOUND to hit a few that are actually causal.

Mimic the successful sites, and you're bound to hit some factors for their success.

In my efforts, I've used this data to very simply capture some very nice #1 positions in the search engines. For example, the original site I gave as an example back in 2003 STILL has it's #1 spot in Google, and it hasn't been touched since 2003. (And boy, you sure can tell! Firefox displays the navigation links as blinking text!)

Just search 'copywriting expert' in Google and you'll find it there at #1. It took a couple of hours to build according to the data, threw up some links, and voila.

Do you know how valuable that particular search is? Top copywriting experts charge $25,000 and up for their services. The one I recommend on that site charges even more...

And that's just one search. There are literally tens of millions of different search keyphrases to take advantage of. When you have the right tools and knowledge, the search engines are your playground.

This information can mean an enormous difference to your bottom line. Traffic pours in day and night to my websites. Commission checks show up in the mail every day at my office, for sales my websites made without my so much as lifting a finger.

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Here's what members get, any time you like:

Twice-monthly interviews with SEO Legends, Gurus, and Experts. (or just listen to the recordings).

Access to all sorts of Internet Marketing information and training materials - My whole Library!

Access to some of the finest SEO minds on the Net.

Access to a fantastic forum, with unlimited opportunity to ask questions, test ideas, and compare data.

Access to the most exhaustive statistical analysis of the three major search engines in existence.

Access to video and audio SEO training.

Access to all my SEO ebooks and materials.

Access to events I speak at, usually at a fraction of the normal cost.

Access to events I host at no charge.

Access to softwares and tools that I've examined, at discounts of 50% or more.

"All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! The other SEO guys I talked to wouldn't even take on anything related to mortgages, but Nathan found some good terms in my area of specialization that had some possibility. We just closed a $1.5 Million loan that was a direct result of those optimization efforts. They found our site by searching one of the terms Nathan optimized for. The commission from just this loan paid his $2,500 optimization fee six times over!

Again, Thank You So Much Nathan!"

-Kenda Fisher

You can certainly see by now that this type of information is exceedingly valuable. And it has great value due to how limited the access to the information stays. In light of this fact, all members that are successfully accepted to SEO Club are required to sign an iron-clad NDA (or Non-Disclosure Agreement). Violation of this particular NDA is a class-C felony. That's how serious we are about protecting our members.

If you'd like to get your membership, this isn't a "whomever pays" kind of place. I'll personally accept or deny access to any applicant. I may even give you a call to talk to you. You will, however, have instant access to the data and site when you sign up.

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Just these bonuses are worth the cost of entry! I've sold each of these discs for $97 each in the recent past. That makes them an $388 value. The information contained on these discs is a veritable goldmine of opportunity to profit online. They're Priceless!!

They will be shipped to you via Priority Mail the day after you order!

"Nathan Anderson is one of those rare individuals that truly understands SEO. He is a testing machine and provides truly valuable FACTUAL information in an SEO environment filled with hype.

Ive been studying SEO with Nathan for years now and hes taught me to understand that the real risk of marketing online is implementing strategies based upon OPINION.

Put the FACTS on your side and let the amateurs embrace the OPINIONS! Thanks NATHAN!"

Harald A. Clearwater, FL

Have you thought what it would be like to have this kind of inside knowledge?

Top ranking in just ONE valuable keyword search can be worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars a year! Don't you think that with even a half-hearted attempt to succeed with this information, you could recoup your investment 100 times over?

This Opportunity Hasn't Been Available in Over 3 Years.

As soon as the spots are claimed, the doors will slam shut again - probably for years. I really don't care whether or not you decide to get your membership. My businesses will probably be better off if I don't spend time with you in SEO Club. But everyone needs compatriots, and I'm willing to give to get.

There are 50 42 spots available, so act fast.

Although every one of my "Insiders" has said this cost of entry is way, way too low, I want to make sure that money isn't a complete stumbling block for the unique individuals that truly belong here...

So I'm pricing the cost of entry at A TINY FRACTION of the price I've charged for a single data set. And the ongoing subscription is super easy to handle as well.

It's truly a tiny investment in search engine success.

Limited Additional Bonus

"The Joys of Press Releases" Teleseminar

The first 25 people to join the Club will get to join me for a super insiders-only teleseminar on how to get MASSIVE attention and links from Press Releases.

We'll reveal sites where you can pay to get ENORMOUS response, sites where you can distribute releases for FREE, and the Barnum-esque techniques for making your release irresistable to the press and webmasters.

Because of the personal interaction
in this session, it is
limited to the first 25 members
who join SEO Club.

In addition to the opportunity to attend the call live, you will also get an MP3 recording of the call.

Ever Wonder How to Get Access to the World of Gurus?

Joining an "insider's club" like this is it. You'll have the opportunity to personally interact with myself and several other top SEO people. You will have the ability to ask any question you like; find out the "truth" about the world behind the scenes...

And your questions and discussion doesn't have to be limited to the world of SEO.

Certainly not.

SEO Club includes some of the top minds in Internet Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Traffic, Email Promotion, you name it. You'll have access to all kinds of info.

My Promise to You

Let me make it even easier. I'm willing to give a full 30 days no-questions-asked refund guarantee. Take a look at the data, ask a few questions in the forum. If it's not for you, I'll gladly hand your money back and show you the door.

This is a unique place that is invaluable to the right people. I know this kind of no-questions guarantee is risky for me; but I'm CERTAIN once you've seen the place, and seen the crazy amount of data, you won't give your membership up for anything!



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Then, if you decide that this is the place for you, ongoing membership is only $97 a month.

That's a tiny fraction of what it would cost to gather this data yourself.

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I can't wait to see you in the Club! Bring your hardest questions. Your toughest nut to crack. I'm anxious to take on the challenge.

Please, don't miss this opportunity.

To Your Success!


P.S. There's no other place on Earth like this.

This data is exclusive to SEO Club. Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of TRUE statistically-relevant information. Join us today.

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